Winter fairies

Fairies are mythical creatures. The creature is endowed with great beauty, can fly, magic and fulfill wishes. A theme that fits perfectly with Christmas. Are you ready for an enchanting tree?

Gnome Land

Celebrate the most magical time of the year with a maximum amount of fantasy. The mystical gnomes and their cute forest friends will enchant your holidays.

Blue Mist

Frosty, icy blue. This temperature of this collection is definitely below the freezing point. A well balanced mix of icy acrylic and beautifully detailed resin.

Retro Mint

Blue, red and white with a touch of mint. A recipe for retro. A theme that’s all about candy canes in a 1950’s setting.

Buzz Bees

The sparkling combination of rich gold with a touch of black makes this theme appealing for Christmas. It also brings awareness to the decreasing bee population. Save the bees!

Pretty in pink

Pink perfection. A brightly coloured theme that is bursting with joy. It’s loud, bright and sweet.

Royal Splendor 

We’ve got a passion for purple. If the crown fits, wear it! This royal theme is as luxurious as it comes.

Burgundry Pink

Classy burgundy pink with warm undertones throughout the collection. A rustic and romantic collection.

Christmas Inspirations


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