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We love to inspire. A visit to our company's treasury - the showroom - guarantees a healthy dose of inspiration. Visit us and experience the atmosphere of New York's metropolitan Christmas Grandeur. Dozens of Christmas trees, some metres high, and trendy shop windows provide the perfect backdrop for our products. Not unimportant: you can take a closer look at our items and hold them in your very own hands. Our showroom is located in Beverwijk, The Netherlands (close to Amsterdam). Our team is alway ready to welcome you.

Our 2022 Christmas collection is online! We would love to give you a tour through our virtual showroom and show you all our new themes, including MARVEL and Burlesque. Book your virtual visit with one of our sales specialists.

Schermafbeelding 2022-01-27 122318.png
Our Collection

Christmas ornaments are the specialty of Kurt S. Adler. We represent the largest collection on the market. In addition to the dazzling choice between thousands of articles, KSA also excels in quality. The ornaments have been designed with great attention to detail in the design studios of KSA in New York. 


Our collection alternates between classics and innovative contemporary designs. Themes like Gingerbread, Santa's Workshop and Ballet are timeless. In addition, every year we present trendy themes such as Unicorn and Cool Yule. We are also very proud that we carry recognizable licenses such as Coca-Cola. 


In addition to our ornaments, we also excel in handmade wooden nutcrackers. These extravagantly designed models full of glitter and bright colours have made a definite breakthrough in the European Christmas market. Fabriché Santa’s are also gaining a lot of popularity. Check out all our articles in our webshop.  

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