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Shop-in-Shop designs 2024

by Christmas Inspirations

To service our customers ánd optimise the presentation of our Christmas ornaments, we've developed an unique shop-in-shop marketing kit.

With this kit, our customers will be able to present the ornaments in a more professional and appealing way and by this means boost their sales. 

Available designs

Kurt S. Adler

Kurt S. Adler

Disney Classics

Disney: Disney Classics

Princesses & Frozen

Disney: Princesses and Frozen

Mickey & friends

Disney: Mickey & Friends


Disney: Stitch

Star Wars

Star Wars



Harry Potter

Harry Potter


Please watch this video for the full presentation of the concept. 

Contact us

Ask our team for how to obtain these Shop-in-Shop marketing kits, we'd be happy to assist you: or 0031 - (0)251730051

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