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Who doesn’t love Disney? Your favorite Disney characters will come alive this Christmas. Be enchanted by the fairytale worlds of your favorite Disney stories. 

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Indigo Dreams

Let’s bring Dutch glory into your house. The blue porcelain ornaments from the traditional ‘Delft blue’ faience will make your Christmas tree a special one.

Modern Elegance

Have yourself an elegant Christmas with this beautiful modern theme. These ornaments will definitely modernize your Christmas tree.

Champagne paris

It’s the city of light and love: c’est Paris! This fine and classy collection gives you the real Paris-feeling. Make your Christmas sparkle with these shiny and girly ornaments. 


Zesty Lemon

If life gives you lemons: make a lemonade tree! That will be easy peasy, lemon squeezy with these fruity Christmas ornaments. Colorize your Christmas with this happy yellow theme. 

Lady Luck

Make your own luck with these lady bug ornaments. This red dotted theme is playful and cute. Have yourself a lucky Christmas!

Santas and snowflakes

Snowman’s, sleighs and Santa’s; this theme will give you the nostalgic Christmas feeling. The wintery ornaments will never get old. 



The classic Christmas colors and characters make a perfect recipe for a wonderful Christmas tree. It’s warm, bright and colorful. 

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